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HD Combat lights offer a superior quality while having our known for looks and styling. They are tough precision CNC machined alloy with a non-chip corrosion resistant anodised finish. We offer a range of colour options so you can personalise the look to suit your 4×4. They are IP68 rated which means they are water, mud, and pressure cleaner resistant and come with a full replacement 3 year warranty. The new modular design makes them truly flexible in application and is unrivalled. Each light is completely separate and bolts together to make a light as long or short as you require. It also means you can mix and match beam patterns from 5 degree super spot, 15 degree spot through to 25 degree spread. This gives you the opportunity to custom design the exact lighting you require for your application. Nothing else has this flexibility.
– The new Rhino4x4 HD Series SUPER SLIM light bar offers a powerful 10,0000 Lumens of light
– This light produces a true combination beam that is smooth with no dark spots.
– It comers with heavy duty fully adjustable mounting brackets
– Includes high quality DT electrical connector to prevent water ingress.

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